A website is great but where do you start...

Here are a few things you need wich are essential to your site.

- a domain-name

you buy this for a set period or you can rent it monthly, this domain will need a unique name so create something relating to you or your business. Let's use myself as an example my domain is www.johanc.com


 Webdesign & maintenance

 Business image creation

 Just me




Then you need...

- domain-space

it's indicated in Mb (megabytes) or Gb (gigabytes) that is the size of your domain, the trick here is to determine how much you need, if your website is just text with some graphics and a few photos you can make do with a small space, but if you are going to store lots of photo albums/music/video/software you will need a larger then standard size.

After that it comes down to you, do you want an online shop, a blog, maps with your location, color schemes, animations, anything is possible.

But don't forget the more complex desgin you require the longer it takes to design, the most time consuming is the testing of a site.

Tests i will carry out are, various monitor screensizes, most popular internet browsers (i.e. internet explorer, safari, firefox, opera, mozilla). Your site will be tested on both Windows and Mac.

I think that's all you need to know I don't want you to get bored and depressed by the "tech. bits"

Don't be afraid to get in touch I don't bite!


Get a piece of paper and draw a story-board!

Happy drawing...

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